Seehund German Pub and Restaurant
The Seehund German Pub & Restaurant, New London CT.
German Fun Facts!
Seehund German Pub and Restaurant
  • There are over 300 different kinds of bread in Germany!
    Try one kind of German bread per day for almost a whole year in order to be able to taste them
  • Germans really do love beer; they rank second in world-wide beer consumption per person after Ireland
  • A wide variety of cakes and tarts are served throughout the country, most commonly made with fresh fruit. Apples, plums, strawberries, and cherries are German favorites.
The History of the Seehund
In Germany, as with many other European nations, restaurants and pubs are many times named after animals: The Lamb, The Stallion, and the like. We wanted to stick with that tradition when naming our restaurant, here in New London.

The Whaling Industry was a major part of New England's economy, until electricity replaced lamp oil around 1879. The sailors on both coasts were quick to nick-name seals and sea lions "Sea Dogs" – and that is where our name comes from.

The Seehund, (pronounced like the words "zay" and the word "who" with a "ndt" at the end), is literally translated to "Sea Dog."

The half lion – half sea creature is a heraldic depiction of a sea lion. In the Middle Ages of Central and Western Europe, when knights were jousting or in battle, they wore pictures on their armor to tell each other apart. Those images on the knight's coat of armor, collectively, became known as his Coat of Arms – a way to represent his name, and his family name down through the generations. The Mermaid-Lion (or "Mer-lion") is the way a Sea Lion would be depicted in Europe on a knight's Coat of Arms.