Seehund German Pub and Restaurant
The Seehund German Pub and Restaurant - Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
The Seehund Dinner Menu is displayed below. Other menu options include: Breakfast, Kids, Lunch, and Pub.
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Latkas - Potato "pancakes" with scallions, with Fire Roasted Apples and sour cream $8
German Empanada - Stuffed with Bier Brats and Red Dragon Cheese, mustard beurre blanc $7
Muenster torte - Cipollini onions, muenster and Swiss in a puff pastry, fig balsamic drizzle $7
Glockenspiel - Music to your mouth! Fresh yeast bread stuffed with Bier Brat and potato, topped with a mushroom gravy $10
Perogi (3) - Stuffed with potato and topped with sautéed onion, bacon and sour cream $7
Black Forrest Mushrooms - Brat and Gorgonzola stuffed mushrooms, bacon and red cabbage topped $8
Haus - Mixed greens and red cabbage, tomatoes, and red onion
Add Blackened chicken, Scallops (3), Steak, or any Schnitzel (Veal, Pork, or Chicken) for only $4!
$6 sm / $7 lg
Caesar - Classic Romaine, dressing, parmesan
Add Blackened chicken, Scallops (3), Steak, or any Schnitzel (Veal, Pork, or Chicken) for only $4!
$5 sm / $8 lg
Schnitzel - Mixed greens with sliced chicken Schnitzel, tomatoes, red onion, shredded cheddar, apple cider vinaigrette
Substitute grilled chicken at no cost
Herbst - Mixed Greens, Matchstick Carrots, Candied Pecans, Cranberries, Goat Cheese, White Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Granny Smith Apples $9
Kaiser - Romaine, cranberries, tomato, bell peppers, Granny Smith apples, Bleu Cheese-Caesar dressing, and sliced Steak grilled to order $14
Reuben - Corned beef (or Pastrami), Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on Marbled Rye. Turn your Reuben into a wrap on a Rye Wrap at no extra charge. $11
Reubenator - A double-decker Corned Beef, Pastrami, Swiss, Sauerkraut, and Russian Dressing Sandwich on Marbled Rye, with our fresh cut Kinder Onion Threads inside $16
Schnitzel - Chicken, Pork, or Veal Schnitzel, with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, and Dill Mayo on Grilled Ciabatta Bread $10
Roast Beast - Roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onion, horseradish sauce on Rye or Ciabatta $12
German Griller - Ham (or Chicken), Swiss, peppers and onions, pickles, and yellow mustard on Grilled Ciabatta $11
Bauernhaus - Sliced Ham (or Chicken), Granny Smith apples, Swiss, lettuce, and Fig Jam on grilled Ciabatta $11
Schultzie - Lettuce, tomato, Sauerkraut bacon and onion $9
Alpine - Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms and Swiss $11
Zepplin - Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Brats, Kinder onion threads, pickles, mustard-cheese sauce $13
Danube - Bacon and Bleu Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion $11
The Rube - Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Russian dressing, on thick cut White Toast $12
Garten Burger - Vegetarian patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet chili sauce $10
Bank St. Strip Steak - Grilled-to-order Piedmontese beef on grilled Ciabatta, topped with demi glaze and sautéed mushrooms, with Cipollini onions and carrots $24
Baked Spaetzle 'n Cheese - Macaroni and cheese, with a German twist. House made Spaetzle noodles in place of macaroni $11
Cabbage Rolls - Stuffed with beef and shallots in tomato sauce and served over herbed Spaetzle $18
Rouladen - Beef rolls stuffed with bacon, onion, pickle, and whole grain mustard braised in red wine and Suppengrün – celery, carrots and leeks, herbed Spaetzle, red cabbage and fennel salad $19
Deconstructed Cordon Bleu - Grilled chicken breast, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, twice baked mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts with bacon, mustard cream sauce $19
Apple Pan Scallops - Pan-seared scallops over Spaetzle and Brussels sprouts topped with bacon, with an Apple Cider reduction $21
Sauerbraten - Piedmontese Beef marinated for three days in Cider and Red Wine Vinegars, Bay Leaves, and Juniper Berries, topped with ginger gravy from House-made ginger snaps, with twice baked mashed potatoes, root vegetables, and Swiss Chard $21
Pub Steak - Grilled beef, gorgonzola smashed red bliss potatoes, root vegetables $21
Apple Cider Brined Pork Chop - Topped with Fire Roasted Apples, with German Potato Salad and red cabbage $20
Huhn (Chicken) Schnitzel - Chicken, rainbow fingerling potatoes and Swiss Chard, whole grain, whole grain cream sauce $19
Jaeger (Hunter) Schnitzel - Breaded pork, red wine Demi glaze, mushrooms, herbed Spaetzle, root vegetables $20
Wiener (Veal) Schnitzel - Topped with a white mushroom gravy, on a bed of herbed Spaetzle, with Brussels sprouts and bacon $21
Zigeuner (Gypsy) - Breaded Eggplant topped with tomato coolie, sautéed peppers and onions, all on a bed of herbed Spaetzle $18
Swiss Chard $4
Braised fennel $4
Twice baked mashed potatoes $2
Kinder threads $4
Root vegetables $4
Herbed Spaetzle $4
Fresh-cut fries $4
Brussels sprouts with bacon $4
Cold Red Cabbage and Fennel Salad $4
Fingerling Potatoes $4
Creole Green Beans $4
Twice Baked Mashed Potato $4
Hot or Cold Red Cabbage $4
Warm German Potato Salad $4
Turtle Cheesecake with caramel, fudge, and pecans $6
German Chocolate Cake - Rich and fluffy cake with a dark fudge icing and layers of sweet coconut, and pecans $6
Caramel Crunch Cake - Light and buttery vanilla pudding cake topped with salted caramel $6
Apfel Tasche - fire roasted Cinnamon Apples & Cream Cheese stuffed pastry. Topped with Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar, and a Vanilla Drizzle
Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for $1