How to write a history research paper?

Published by on May 25, 2019
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The history research paper is a study on a narrow topic, involving not only scientific literature but also documentary sources, both published and unpublished. A history research paper involves the introduction of any new documents, facts, theories, proven facts, etc.

Theme selection:

  • Choosing a history research paper topic, it is necessary to proceed from its relevance, to take into account the availability of sources and literature.
  • The wording of the topic should be specific. It is recommended to avoid those that cover a wide period of time, as in the framework of one work it is unlikely that you will be able to cover all the available material deeply enough.
  • The topic should reflect the content of the work, be logically related to the purpose of the study.

The structure of the history research paper.

        The history research paperconsists of:

  • plan (content);
  • introduction;
  • text of the study (divided into parts, chapters, paragraphs at the request of the author);
  • conclusions;
  • list of sources;
  • bibliography;
  • applications.

Stages of writing the history research paper.

1. The research topic is determined.

2. It reveals how the topic is provided with sources and literature, and what aspects of this topic have not yet been studied.

3. Formulated the purpose and objectives of the study.

4. A work plan is being prepared for the history research paper. Making a plan, the researcher determines the range of questions to which he must answer in order to achieve the goal. Optionally, you can break the work into chapters (no more than 3). The chapter can be divided into paragraphs (no more than 3-4). The title of chapters and paragraphs should be clearly stated.

5. Work with literature and sources. Analyzing the literature, you can use the following scheme:

– author, brief information about him;

– the problem that the author poses in his study;

– the sources on the basis of which the study was written;

– main ideas, concepts put forward by the author;

– conclusions of the author;

– your opinion on this study.

6. Writing a draft text of the work.

7. The final design of the work structure.

8. The formulation of the theme of the work, based on the resulting study.

Writing the final text of the study.